Androgynous Attraction

Anja Rubik

People of ambiguous gender are attractive. If ambiguity persists after second, third, and more glances, the greater the attraction. If gender cannot be precisely determined at close range even after listening to the individual’s voice . . . there are no words to describe this level of appeal.

Outside the home, my only focus is in getting to my destination. I do not notice faces. People only grab my attention if they are about to crash into me. I use my quick reflexes to slide out of the way, only seeing them as objects to avoid.

I know my particular tastes and preferences very well. Rarely do they intersect with mainstream concepts of beauty and desire, leading to my ignoring most of the world and those who comprise it.

Yet yesterday, my subconscious compels me to stop mid stride.

GAP adSomething and/or someone behind me matches my criteria and with a great deal of accuracy or else my subconscious would see no reason to shake my conscious mind alert.

Moving targets disappear from line of vision faster. I turn around and perform a quick people scan.


I move on to objects beginning with the largest ones.

The inside of this particular mall is littered with enormous, generic, store displays. The one on the right and nearest me, is a clear example, and my eyes pass it almost instantly.

Further ahead is another photograph [directly above].

Now this, I think, must be the cause.

Question: Male or female?


7 responses to “Androgynous Attraction

  1. As you already know, I do believe gender is an important part of a person. I can be attracted to a male as well as to a female, but I like different things in each gender.

    Even if I end up into, say, a male who has an androgynous style, and find him, really, really attractive, I don’t think I would find as attractive a female looking or acting exactly like that.

    That said, I think the person in the last photograph is female.

    She’s very attractive, as a female. Not my type either though.

    If the person in the photo is a male, I wouldn’t consider him too attractive, as I have different standards for males when it comes to sexual attraction.

  2. Oh, speaking of androgynity, DO you remember this character?

    Pat is an androgynous character, would you consider Pat attractive if you found a real person to be exactly like him/her?

  3. Nessa,

    The same person is depicted in both the advertisement and the collage I made—a Polish model named Anja Rubik. The hairstyle is new. Since then, she has gotten jobs that portray her as androgynous. As a comparison, this is Anja before the haircut.

    Your comment contains contradictory statements. If you do not find an androgynous female in appearance and/or attitude attractive, it follows that you would find Anja’s new look unattractive. Yet you do not.

    Conversely, it would not be possible for you to meet an ‘androgynous male in style’ and find him ‘really, really attractive’ because as you say, if Anja were male, you would not be drawn at all.

    It is a matter of personal taste of course. Your preferences are neither new nor shocking given that most people find androgyny sexually/romantically unbecoming as well.

    Pat is an androgynous character, would you consider Pat attractive if you found a real person to be exactly like him/her?

    I do not watch SNL. Knowing nothing of the character, I have only physical appearance to go on. From that perspective, no, I do not find Pat attractive. Perhaps with a different facial expression and manner of dress, I would.

    Whilst I find androgyny appealing, I am not captivated by every androgynous individual I encounter. The reason is that gender aside, I have no interest in most people.

    I like some styles more than others. Of all the pictures on this blog entry, I prefer the collage–specifically left and right photographs. Sleek, utilitarian fashion, cyberpunk, post-cyberpunk, and rivetheads are also aesthetically pleasing to me for their androgynous themes.

    Here are some photographs of two characters that are physically pleasing to me.

    Max: photo 1 and photo 2
    Shane: photo 1 and photo 2 (Not Safe For Work)

    Are the actors male or female?

  4. Max – Male
    Shane – Female.

    Both are pretty attractive to me, physically.

    I didn’t ever mention I wouldn’t find an androgynous individual attractive, so it’s not really contradictory.

    And androgynous doesn’t necesarily mean genderless.

  5. Max – Male
    Shane – Female.

    Close. 🙂

    Max = Female
    Shane = Female

  6. Oh, wow, haha. This one really surprised me.

    I say I believe gender is important because so far in my life, the evidence I’ve gathered says so. Still, it would be very close minded of me to say I couldn’t one day, after exploring the issue more, find an androgynous individual completely irresistible. I just can’t say it right now. And making assumptions about it would be a waste of time. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens when I learn and experiment more.

  7. I say I believe gender is important because so far in my life, the evidence I’ve gathered says so.

    A fair point. I had gotten the impression that under no circumstances would you find an androgynous individual attractive. Thank you for the clarification.

    For me, attraction is foremost personality based. I am drawn to individuals who engage my mind. This is true of INTPs in general with some placing more emphasis on the physical than others, but, not enough to overpower in significance the allure of the mind.

    This is important to consider along with the fact that androgynous people are rare to begin with. It is difficult enough to find someone who mentally captivates us, much less them being androgynous–the latter of which becomes an afterthought.

    It all comes down to opportunity and chance.

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