I have been plagiarized.

A few days ago, I became aware of a particularly perverse development. The blogger Nessa, whose blog I have been a frequent commenter on since my wordpress beginnings, was plagiarized. The degenerate culprit, stole at least 20 of her entries and posted them verbatim on his MSN Spaces blog.

It gets worse.

The overall theme, About information, and comments made on those stolen entries were swiped as well. Another blog was created to feed the delusion so that he could ‘converse’ with himself. That additional blog had entries made by individuals from Nessa’s blogroll. He then used that account to ‘respond’ to the plagiarized entries. Some of my comments from Nessa’s blog were stolen and posted once again, verbatim. This demented person, then proceeded to ‘reply’ to my comments by copying Nessa’s responses to me–with the twist of pretending he had been the author, of course.

This is the cyberspace equivalent of what you would expect an offline stalker to do: taking intimate photographs of his subject, using an exacto knife to cut out his head from self-portraits so that he may duct tape it over the bodies of anyone near his object of affection, and in so, relish in the illusion of seeming as it he had been there all along, with the grand finale of adding all of this to his wall/devoted shrine at home.

After carefully examining which entries were chosen along with which comments, I told Nessa this abomination was most likely the invention of someone she knew.

As it turns out . . . I was correct.

Note: To read a copy of the response I made on her blog, see the comments section of this entry.


One response to “I have been plagiarized.

  1. Nessa wrote:
    S thought it could be someone I know.

    At first glance, it seemed disorganized. Yet, when you looked at which entries were chosen and what comments were fabricated, there was logical cohesion. Even delusions are logical when you understand the premises that motivate the individuals behind them.

    When you looked at all the actions, studying which ones preceded which, and which were likely as a result of action x, then you see that the probability of design far exceeds that of mere chance. Once this is accepted, then the most reasonable explanation . . . is that the person in question knows you.

    Everything we do and say is a direct expression of conscious or unconscious motivations. Like it or not, we give ourselves away.

    Nessa wrote:
    Turns out S was RIGHT. He IS somebody I know.

    As I said in our conversation, I was hoping I was wrong.

    Nessa wrote:
    I still don’t know any reasons, any motives, nothing… and the truth is… I don’t want to ask.

    The truth is . . . this is a cowardly individual. You should not need to ask. He owes you the truth and he owes those whose work he plagiarized a public apology.

    Nessa wrote:
    they’re out to get me.

    I do not believe they are out to get you. The word ‘get’ can easily be replaced with another word that makes their real motivations perfectly clear.

    For the record, if they tell you that they did this as a joke . . . they are insulting your intelligence. No rational person could possibly believe that. The entries date back to January. Using your entries for satirical purposes at best makes a mockery of you. There is no reward to be had if the person you are hoping to ridicule is not aware of it. To go on for months on the grossly unlikely event that they will accidentally discover your work . . . not even the most deluded of individuals would do this. Not even the worst kind of mental retardation could justify this as a ‘joke.’

    No, there is only one explanation that whilst not excusing their actions, offers any semblance of rationality however misguided it may be. Whether they will ever confess to it, remains to be seen.

    Nessa wrote:
    for I don’t want to stirr things up… as long as the entries are deleted.

    ‘Things’ are already stirred up. He did it all by himself. I understand that you do not wish to scare yourself, but, it is a mistake to not demand an explanation from him—by e-mail because it is not safe to be around someone like him in person.

    This is clearly a very unstable individual. Do not think that because he gets along fine with others and no one notices any disturbance that it does not exist. Most people can compartmentalize. Their imbalance tends to be triggered only by specific situations and/or persons.

    Deleting the offensive site may help. However, it is important to note that deletion will not miraculously vanquish their disturbance. All it does is remove their tool for manifesting it.

    To put the situation into context, suppose I stalked you for months, took pictures of you, turned them into posters, and pinned them downtown. You find out about the posters by accident because a friend happened to be passing by, spotted them, and decided to let you know. All the posters have my contact information on them. You contact me and find out it is Satoru, your supposed ‘friend.’

    I take the posters down the next day as a result.

    Would you not want to know why I did it all? Is taking down the posters enough? What is to say that I will not keep stalking you or taking pictures? I only took the posters down because I got caught. Next time I stalk and take pictures—or perhaps do even more reprehensibly disturbing things—I will only need to make sure I do not get caught. In the meantime, I learned from my mistakes: no more poster pinning downtown.

    If this is sounding at all ridiculous then . . . wonderful. What is next? In my hypothetical, you would not say (at least I should hope not), “Satoru may have done all these batshit crazy things but at least they did not come at me with a knife and stab me.” I would say that particular fact hardly makes it all better.

    The proper response to my hypothetical is to not just demand an explanation from me, but to also demand I stop: stalking, taking pictures or doing anything else that a normal person would never think to do.

    Do not overlook the most salient detail here: no normal person would have done what he did.

    That you have someone in your life like this, should be rightfully cause for distress.

    Be well, Nessa.

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