Atheism Video Resources

Understandably, few people want to devote possibly hours to searching Google and sifting through/watching numerous video links on Atheism in order to eventually find the best ones unless they possess a healthy dose of obsessive curiosity. Even so, if you are unaware of the type of material available, for example, you may not know what search criteria is best. In the end, many will conclude the rewards are not worth the effort. Therefore, in the interest of promoting Atheism awareness, I have done the work for you.

After a while of searching and compiling, a centralized source is now available.

It is useful if:

  1. You are Religious and want to learn more on Atheism/Agnosticism. If you wish to discover what we believe on a given subject, chances are you will find the answer in one of my links because many believers have asked the questions before you. The reality, is that the same themes arise time and again. Curious? Follow my link at the end of this entry and see for yourself.
  2. You are Agnostic/Atheist and know little of the work available.
  3. You are Agnostic/Atheist and have already seen many videos on the subject.

The descriptions that come with the links are fairly self-explanatory. I have amassed many hours worth of video and arranged them first under General (which includes documentaries) and later under Individuals (Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Dan Dennett and Ayaan Hirsi Ali).

If you have a link you believe is good enough to be added, include it in your comment.

Feed your mind.  Access my Atheism Video Resources page here.


4 responses to “Atheism Video Resources

  1. I am No. 2 “You are Agnostic/Atheist and know little of the work available.”

    This sounds delicious. I’m taking the ride. Thanks for taking the time to do this!

  2. the chaplain

    Wow – that took a lot of work. Thanks for the great links.

  3. There are too many links for me to have seen all of them in their entirety, but I plan to get around to doing so eventually.

    I am glad the two of you find the page useful. If you know of anyone that will benefit from it as well, recommend them to it. It is a good way of promoting awareness.

    My obsessive inclinations were channeled to good use.

  4. I realized that my short attention span doesn’t allow me to watch all of these in the computer. SO I am looking for an Mp4 coverter to haunt (download) them and cook (burn) them and serve (watch) them at my bed with the tv and the dvd player to help me.

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